Publication & PR Material

Toward humans,
heading for humans
Tomoon is trying to benefit humans widely and
to realize the world that stands to rationality.

Tomoon, which is rooted in ‘toward humans’,
will gather small devotions into big love to share
in order to make a better world.
Our staff gathers together regularly to put a variety
of social contribution activities into practice.
Tomoon will try in the future also to make a community where our industry carries out all the social responsibilities of industry and live together with community.
Sharing briquettes to be one community
Sharing Charcoal for Heating
Tomoon Architects & Engineers realizes love with its gratifying heart
As a part of ‘Sharing 1% Movement’ of employee association, we present a warm winter to the elderly ...
Warm Free Meal Service Car (Bapcha) of Love
Tomoon Architects & Engineers is with them by sharing a warm and nourishing meal together.
Tomoon Architects & Engineers employee association is conducting a volunteer activity...