Tomoon was founded on September 15, 1990, under the shared belief that land and environment can be best developed when land valuation, development plans and architecture are all completed by one company. The founders of Tomoon are from different divisions of Korea National Housing Corporation, namely from urban engineering, architecture, and landscape architecture.

The name Tomoon is a combination of two Chinese characters: To for land and Moon symbolizing architecture. It implies our strong will to carry out the entire work process that begins from the land itself to the completed architecture. It also symbolizes the spirit of Koguryo, the most powerful dynasty in Korean history, and holds the spirit of reunification, reflecting the values we pursue as a company.

By taking good care of the land on which future generations will live, we can preserve its original tomography and uses and create a harmony between people’s lives and the favorable environment.

Our objective is to achieve advanced capabilities based in our sound sprit and diligent efforts, and to shape and create our natural land form and land use for future generation so that our environment and our people can live in harmony. To attain this goal, we dndeavor to harmonize three divisions: the urban designer, the architect and the landscape architect, to create a whole new surrounding environment where the three elements can coexist and be compatible.
Architectural Design
Based on the concept of “Architecture is arts and science”, the physical environment and finance in order to maximize feasibility of the project site, as well as by developing planning, feasibility analysis conducting market surveys, and reviewing the project soze and licensing methods and by suggesting business strategies.
1 Planning and Design 2 Schematic Design 3 Basic Design 4 Working Design 5 Interior Design
Urban Design
One of the goals of our urban design is to create a human-friendly and envionmentally healthy living space for people. Another goal is to create and environment built based on urban social noms. For that purpose, Tomoon provides specific physical planning guidelines that make a sustainable city a reality. Our procedures and methods are reasonable and effective and include a review of relevant las and higher level plans, analyses of physical and social features of the project site, and collecting optons from many different members.
1 Land Use plan 2 Distirct unit plan 3 maintenance plan(redevel opment and reconstruction) 4 Master Plan
Landscape Design
Based on our understanding of nature and the foundation of life and people, who are its users, we take full advantage of our technological, humanistic and artistic capabilities when providing our designs. We apply order to all of the outside environment that people come into cantact with from their to their death, and integrate multiple elements such as ease of use and the utility of a space, harmony with the landscape and efficiency of maintenance to provede a mor abundant life.
1 Living Space 2 Urban Space 3 Eco Space 4 Landscape Plan 5 Theme Space
Tomoon contributes to project-related decision-making process by making decisions in reasonable ways that have a good foundation in regulations, the physical environment and finance on order to maximize feasibility of the project site, as well as by developing planning, feasibility analysis, conduction market surveys, and reviewing the project size and licensing methods and by suggesting business strategies.
1 Review on Project size 2 Provision of Project information
The first results of our publishing were related to a research and publishing project which was started for the sake of the future development of plans for apartment housing in Korea

CM   Construction Management
We use CM to enhance quality of the construction and maximize profits of the owner. For the purpose, we minimize the risk factors that carrying out the construction project creates and manage the entire process based on expert technology including a review of planning and feasibility on behalf of the owner, selecting architecture, managing the design, consturction project cost and schedule, selecting developers and managing the project.
CS   Construction Supervision
We provide supervision services to manage the selection of the developer of the appropriate construction materials on accordance with the blueprint. We also supervise the developer when he constructs the building to gurantee complance with the specifications. We have the right to offer insturctons and enforce obligations on behalf of the owner and provide such a service to respond to the demands of the owner and succeed in completing many tasks such as enforcing coherncy with the bluprint, other relevant documents and regulations, securing outstanding technical manpower (and therefore te quality of the proect) and cutting back on expenses.
1 Design Supervision 2 Consturction supervision 3 VE Review
VE   Value Engineering
This activity provides us with ways to reduce expenses for a project. We search for systematic approaches to enhance value and at the same time reduce costs over the entire process from design to construction, including planning, feasibility, complex planning, basic and working design, and management.
We help clients to establish clear project goals by conducting accurate analyses on the location, facilities, project environment, and relvant laws beginning from the planning stage. And we help them to establish a comprehensive project feasibilitym etc. By doing so, we help them to set boundaries for the project which will maximize its value.
1 Feasibility analysis 2 review of project size 3 reconstruction remodeling
Technology Center
Comprehensive R&D in order to gurantee eco-friendly and future-oriented architectural designs
2000.06 Technology Center established
2000.07 designated as military contractor company
To realize design planning automation in order to develop technology used n the construction and engineering field and to improve productivity of design work.

To implement information systems management in engineering with the production and management of information and development of its own program for outside distribution

To carry out comprehensive R&D into all of the folowing: Introducing new design elements of residential areas, Including eco-friendly housing technology which will be applled to the design of the area under construction; new residential spaces which will improve te quality of life; and, the development of human-oriented housing configurations,etc.
R&D in the construction and engineering areas including complex planning, unit householdand construction configrations to implement construction design which is eco-friendl and future-oriented

Development of a design information management system and a design automatic system for the purpose of knowledge management
In The Year 2000 the Desig Automation Program-developed programs for libraries and standardized architectural documents required for design

In The Year 2001 the Design Information Management System-developed support/drawings/document arrangement and data management proframs.

Development of housing units in public apartment housing-developed chageable housing units relevant technologies.
Eight researchers(1doctor,4masters, 3 bachelors) and two assistants
1990.09Founded General Architects Corporation
1990.10Founded Tomoon Architects Co., Ltd
1992.02Acquisition of Architectural Supervision License
1997.12Acquisition of General Supervision License
1997.12Name change to Tomoon Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd(Registered as an Engineering Firm)
1998.05Acquisition of International Quality Standard Certificate ISO 9001
1998.12Seperation of Construction Supervision Unit(ITM Corporation)
1999.12Registration of Tomoon Ltd with the Korean Intellectual Property Office
2000.06Registration of Research & Developement Center
2000.07Registration of Publishing Business Unit
2003.11Registration of Construction Supervision Unit
2003.11Established Tomoon Consultants Co.,Ltd
2006.04Established Tomoon Consultants & Archirects Co.,Ltd
2006.11Established Tomoon Archirects & Consulting(Beijing) Co.,Ltd
2009.11Moved Company Building to Garden5
2010.01C.I Renewal
2014.10Name change to Tomoon Architects Co., Ltd